The Emotional Intelligence of a Preschool matters to the climate of the classroom and how safe, calm, and cared for both children AND teachers feel. The result?
Less teacher burnout, higher student enrollment, and a cutting edge Center!

Check if the statement ALWAYS or OFTEN applies to your Childcare Center.

  1. ___ Teacher greets every child at the door each morning in a way the child has chosen.
  2. ___ Circle Time each morning to discuss feelings, emotion words, triggers, behaviors.
  3. ___ Classroom has a cozy corner where children can go for ‘time in’, to calm big emotions.
  4. ___ Children are taught a variety of emotion words to express how they feel.
  5. ___ Children can identify an emotion portrayed by a facial expression.
  6. ___ Children are able to express what caused specific emotions.
  7. ___ Children often hear, “How did (you doing, or saying) that make him/her feel?
  8. ___ You model empathy and give verbal recognition when someone shows kindness.
  9. ___ When a child says, “I can’t do that”, you follow up with YET. (The power of YET)
  10. ___ Children are intentionally asked to wait in order to build the ability to delay gratification.
  11. ___ You have time each day to have children do deep breathing/ relaxation exercises.
  12. ___ Children are given guidance how to make friends.
  13. ___ Star of the Week given for a child showing kindness, helping, and saying kind words.
EQ has more influence than IQ on success in life.
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