About Helen Ober

Helen Ober graduated from the University of Delaware with a Bachelor of Science degree in Education and Psychology.

She was a public elementary school teacher for 5 years followed by becoming a top leader in Discovery Toys (educational materials for children) where she was a trainer, leader developer, and speaker. Her main clients were preschools, daycare centers, and elementary schools in the Northeastern United States area.

What set her apart was the training she provided to teachers and in-home center providers on child development. Six years ago, she became certified with the John Maxwell Team as a Coach, Leadership Trainer, and Speaker. The last two years have been devoted to providing social/emotional workshops for parents, teachers, and staff of preschools and elementary schools across the State of Pennsylvania.

As a Childhood SEL Specialist and founder of Positive Parenting programs, she became Pennsylvania Quality Assessment Standard (PQAS) Certified. This past year, Helen was a presenter at the Early Childhood Education Conference and the PA Head Start Conference, both held at Pennsylvania State University, on Strategies for Increasing Emotional Intelligence in the Classroom. In addition, her training for teachers includes Positive Discipline, Growth vs Fixed Mindset, and Mindfulness Matters.

She also has a powerful Leadership training for Preschool Directors and Elementary School Principals on Steps to Improve Communication with Staff and Increase Cooperation and Morale. Helen continuously creates new training to meet the ever changing needs of the education community especially within the area of Social Emotional Learning.

It has become her mission to help children of all ages to become better aware of their emotions, be equipped to express them, and manage them. She passionately believes empathy can be taught and expected and is the long term solution to greater peace and acceptance in our world.