Welcome to Impact Leadership

DSC_0108.jpgHelen is a people developer. She firmly believes we all have unlimited, untapped potential. Realizing that and leading others to that realization has been her life purpose. She has spent her entire adult life encouraging and leading others, both individuals and teams.  

Whether it was as a grade school teacher or leading teenagers on Mission Trips across the United States – repairing homes and developing relationships or building high-performing relationship marketing teams or serving as a nursing home volunteer enhancing the lives of the elderly, Helen works tirelessly to help the people she meets grow and reach their full potential.

The work she does through IMPACT Leadership has been very fulfilling to her. She has seen many lives positively changed as a result of experiencing her powerful coaching sessions. When asked about the mastermind groups she leads, she will tell you it is a very spiritual experience- people come together, open up, trust, and grow towards clarity they often didn’t know existed.  Last year she started a youth leadership development program with a local church.  She had such great results, that the teenagers requested that she come back this year for another round of training, which she is very happy to do.

In addition to being a company top performer in sales and recruiting, she also leads others to build teams of the same caliber. She attributes that to “No minimum thinking”, believing you often get what you expect. Her wisdom as to how to motivate and inspire is constantly sought after. Combined with a humble spirit, an energy that is quietly controlled, an unshakable optimistic outlook, and unwavering faith, she attracts others that desire the same.

Helen is not always serious and reflective. She loves to laugh and have a good time! She can often be found outdoors gardening or now joyfully walking with her husband and their new grandson!

Helen has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education/Psychology from the University of Delaware. This enabled her to teach children then transition into working with teenagers and then adults. She has worked in Direct Sales for 30 years, coaching and teaching principles of success and leadership. As a Founding Partner of the John Maxwell Team, Helen continues to live her passion on purpose.